WadeMindSet Inventories

What's a MindSet?
The Wade MindSets Workplace Inventory is a new way to understand the different ways people perceive their working environment and respond to it. These differences form patterns of perception that are called MindSets. A MindSet is a style of interaction with the environment that tends to remain stable over long periods of time.

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Your MindSet
Your MindSet is right for you. But your MindSet may be quite different from that of others. Often conflicts at work, home, and other social settings are the result of different MindSets. Understanding how your own MindSet works and something about the MindSets of others can help you bridge these differences in positive ways. No individual gets along equally well with different groups or individuals. The most effective people are aware of their own MindSet, and can alter their behavioral style to work with people who respond better to a different approach.

MindSets feel so "right" to people, they often assume their MindSet is the "only" one. It is very natural to believe that a certain way of experiencing the world is common to all human beings. It is also very natural for people to think their MindSet is the only "correct" one, and that other people's MindSets are somehow less desirable, or even wrong. This is not true. No MindSet is good or bad, right or wrong. They are just different, and they reflect the ways people have learned to adapt successfully to the conditions that surround them. Your MindSet is right for you because it represents a successful adaptation to your life circumstances. But another one is right for someone else.

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