Jenny Wade, PhD.
Jenny Wade is a research psychologist, educator, and organization development consultant whose practice is dedicated to the maximization of human potential individually and collectively. She is presently Senior Consultant with a company devoted to the healthy transformation of individuals, groups, and large systems. She also oversees doctoral programs and research at a number of American and British graduate schools.

Dr. Wade's career has ranged over three broad areas to date: organization development, business, and academia. As an organization development consultant, Dr. Wade specializes in using developmental theory to optimize organizational culture and structures to meet performance objectives and serve humankind through the highest actualization of employee talent and stakeholder interests. Client companies have included Fortune 500 companies, especially in the areas of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and financial services. In the business world, she was founding partner and principal of The Research Advantage Corp., an investment management consulting firm. Her background in marketing communications spans many industries, including advertising, printing and the graphic arts, oil and gas, chemicals, mining, water and waste-water treatment, foundry, plant engineering, etc.

She has worked in the international arena for US-based corporations and has assisted foreign companies to enter markets in the United States. In addition to an independent consulting practice, she was Corporate Director for Advertising and Public Relations for the East Asiatic Company, a Danish firm that is one of the largest trading companies in the world, and she previously had worldwide corporate and division marketing responsibilities for Harris Corporation, and corporate North American marketing responsibilities for Dresser Industries. Her research interests focus on consciousness studies and the extension and application of developmental theory.

A published author and lecturer on a wide variety of topics, she has written a new life span theory of consciousness placing developmental psychology in the post-Newtonian paradigm of the "new physics", Changes of Mind: A Holonomic Theory of the Evolution of Consciousness (State University of New York Press, 1996).

She conducts and supervises field research in various areas in addition to her theoretical work and participation in graduate research programs.

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