More About MindSets

MindSets are Fundamental
Trying to talk someone out of their characteristic MindSet is a losing proposition. First, no amount of logical argument or appeal will be successful because MindSets are so fundamental to an individual's way of experiencing the world that they only change from within the person, not from the persuasion of others. Second, because MindSets do not respond to argument or logic, trying to change another person's MindSet will erode your working relationship. Understanding how your own Workplace MindSet works and the MindSets of people you work with everyday can help you bridge these differences in ways that will strengthen your relationship. The most effective people in the workplace are aware of their own MindSet, recognize that others might prefer a different approach, and adapt their style accordingly


MindSets Develop and Change
The Wade MindSets are based on extensive research in developmental psychology. Even though MindSets are very stable, people can and do change their MindSets as their life circumstances change. Everyone has the potential for each MindSet, but most people favor one, or sometimes two at different times in their life because these are the ones that work best for them in their environments. People will typically change their MindSets when they are no longer effective for coping with the challenges life presents to them, although these challenges may have to reach a critical mass over a long period of time to be sufficient for a MindSet to change. Some people may change MindSets several times during their adult life; others, in more stable circumstances, may not change at all.

NEW! Because people relate to their friendships, romance, home, and family in many different ways, and in ways that might differ markedly from the way they relate to others in the workplace, we created the Wade Mindsets Lifestyle Inventory. The purpose of this inventory is to help you learn more about yourself and your values around relationship and lifestyle choices.

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